[Repost] Six Beliefs and Six Refutations of Procrastination

Bilibili Old Ming's Tips and Tricks 2:#

  1. To do something, you must do it perfectly - perfectionism is fragile; allow yourself to write a few pages of rubbish first.
  2. Feeling unprepared, lacking resources and abilities - beware of the "pseudo-preparation" excuse; ability is not fixed, it grows with action.
  3. There will always be an amazing potential outbreak at the last moment - think about why you want to do this, for your own growth, starting now will immediately lead to growth.
  4. Unable to bear the responsibility of failure - compare what is more "failure", dragging on without starting is more serious and terrifying than others' dissatisfaction.
  5. Afraid of disappointing others - "self-worth is always independent of others' evaluation."
  6. The greater the pressure, the better the performance - if the most effective driving force is pressure, it will definitely be painful, anxious, and tense in the long run; pressure is an external driving force (not internal), which will reduce the fun and satisfaction of doing things.
  7. (+) Resist external temptations - generally, they will automatically disappear before the deadline, but as long as it is not the last day, they will not go away.
    1. Pretend to advance the "deadline" by one day, but it is difficult to deceive oneself because it is an open card. Isn't it always said that the subconscious is working?
    2. Perhaps a subjective reason is not wanting to "extra" pressure oneself. Hmm! Maybe this is the more real thought deep down.

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