【Wedge】It is not clear about the detailed origin of this meme - not a fan of rice noodles, and even initially biased towards the negative, but since the release of SU7, it has quickly turned into a fan favorite.

14 years ago, starting from the first smartphone Meizu M8, although not a coal friend, it also ranks first in the number of brands. In terms of mobile phone consumption, adhering to the concept of cost-effectiveness, it should have joined the Xiaomi camp early on. However, due to differences with Huang Lei, he avoided Xiaomi.

10 years ago, Xiaomi started its ecological chain strategy, but over the years, only a few Xiaomi peripheral products such as set-top boxes, routers, and printers have been purchased. Last year, there was a sudden mobile phone failure during a business trip, and an emergency purchase of the first Xiaomi phone at home. An accident prompted a change in attitude from negative to neutral.

3 years ago, Xiaomi announced its last entrepreneurship, not flying high for three years, not making a splash for three years. It is known that Apple has given up on the news of electric cars. Although I did not watch the live broadcast of the press conference on March 28, I also searched for news for the first time afterwards (overwhelming, it is difficult to distinguish whether it was actively searched for or passively viewed). Before the meeting, I was looking forward to Xiaomi having a good result, and it seems that the completion is much better than expected. High appearance, strong performance, and friendly price, pre-sale of 88898 in one day (site number 66696).

In the past week, with the new car reviews flooding the screen, I started paying attention to Kai Men. The original awkward, accented, RUOK Wu Xia Amon, has transformed into a top student, scandal-free, billionaire Lei Busi. Lei Jun, this name that is difficult to resist admiration, has become another representative of outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs in my mind.

Today, a box of Xiaomi neutral pens arrived, very OK. ■

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